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How to sign up for PostLoop (and get paid to post on forums)

Some people were having issues figuring out postloop, so thought I'd help. The instructions are straight forward, but if you skip a step, it's easy to get lost. Let me know if you have any questions.
Step 1: Go to postloop. (Easy, right? :P)
Step 2: Click "join" at the top of the page.
Step 3: Decide on a username and fill out all your info.

Bonus points for making sure you're a human and can spell "post." :P
Step 3: Go to your email and verify that it's yours. Just click the link inside and you'll be set.
Step 4: Read this info. It's important.

Step 5: No really, read the info right there. It tells you everything you need to know. It's people skimming through this yellow box that causes them to mix steps.
Step 6: If you read the box, you know that the next step is to Join Postloop Portal. This is the "trial" forum so they can see how you post.

Step 7: -After- you sign up for Postloop Portal but -before- you start posting there, go back to the main postloop forum page. Again, this is the important part. You need to subscribe so postloop can check your posts. If you don't do this, your posts aren't being tracked.

Step 8: Hit the subscribe button. It's easy to find because Ryan has a big red warning in all caps that says IMPORTANT. Easy, right?
Step 9: Subscribe. When you signed up for the postloop portal page, what username did you use? What email address? That's all it needs to know.
If you're approved, you will be doing this every single time you join a new forum. Again, it's so they can track your posts and give you credit.
Step 10: Now you're ready to start posting. Go back to Postloop Portal and make 10 good posts.
Show them that you're human, speak English well, aren't a total jerk, and can add to the conversation.  Don't just make posts like "thanks for sharing" or "wow, cool." Nobody here would do that, right?
You don't need to make each post 10 paragraphs long or anything, but you do want to show that you can add to the conversation. Forum owners will be paying you to add content to their sites, so give them at least a few worthwhile sentences that people would want to actually read. Don't forget you can start new threads, too, and strike up your own conversation.
It's okay if you make more than 10 posts, too.
Step 11: Wait. You will get an email when you hit your 10 posts that says you're waiting to be reviewed. Mine only took a few hours, but it could take 24 hours.
You will get another email when you're approved. In the meantime, browse through the FAQ for other tips, suggestions, how the payout works (paypal...and the minimum payout is really low....remember, I got mine in the first day?)

Now go get started! Time to make some money. :D
It's easy, but I included pictures of every single step possible so that nobody gets lost. :) Most of it is just standard sign-up forms that everyone is used to. Good luck!