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If I have to wear the dress, it better be chocolate

Every little girl has a dream wedding in her head. And every grown woman has it all mentally planned out. 

At least that's what I was told my sophomore year of high school when a friend of mine was planning hers out for a school project -- complete with pictures of rings, cakes, and bridesmaid dresses, along with the prices, colors, and seating arrangements for both sides of the family.

I was in awe. I'd never even considered a wedding before and I certainly didn't have the design of my dream dress sitting in the back of my head. Apparently this realization was supposed to put my mind into overdrive, but within minutes, I'd forgotten all about her huge binders of price quotes.

That was until I had a boyfriend start questioning me about what I wanted to wear on my wedding day. "Blue jeans," I insisted and for some reason, he got a kick out of it. And so did the next. And the next. They all argued that I'm supposed to wear a dress, but come on, it's me! In a dress? A fancy dress?? No thanks. I'll just skip the wedding entirely....and that's probably why those relationships didn't last either.  

But alas, I have to put all of that behind me now. I'm completely and utterly in love....with a dress! It's perfect for me and I didn't even have to go through the torture of looking through hundreds of dresses to find it. 


Now you might think it's ugly or the wrong color, but I don't care. It's chocolate. 

No, I mean, it's really made of edible chocolate. What more could I ask for? If I have to wear a dress, I better be able to eat it afterwards, right? There are even chocolate shoes, although I think it might be wisest if I didn't eat those. Something about sweaty feet and delectable fine chocolate just don't seem to go together very well. 


I could get chocolate flowers, too, and the flower girl, she could throw candy kisses. Okay, so that's not fashion-related at all, but it's about the whole package, isn't it? Part of looking great in an outfit is presenting yourself well.....and I'd certainly be beaming if I were surrounded by chocolate. What more could a girl possibly ask for?