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Miniature stilts for short people

I'm short. There's no getting around it, no denying it, and no hiding
it. I actually enjoy being short for the most part, but it doesn't
mean I'm not going to wear heels most of the time to give me that
extra boost either.

That means, in the summer I wear sandals with a bit of a heel.
Generally a small wedge, no more than an inch or two. And in the
winter, I wear boots that most often have a one to two inch heel as
well. I'm still drastically shorter than the rest of the population,
measuring in at barely over 5 foot, even with the heels, but I 'like'
the heels, so that's what I wear.

The latest heel trend is far from being right for me, though, and I'm
having trouble fathoming just how many other people love them.
Apparently even 4 inch heels are out, and 5 to 7 inch heels are what's
really desired now.

I first read about these in The Wall Street Journalof all places, and
for every negative statement about them -- all the 
falls, the sprained
ankles, and even models being scared to wear them 
on the cat-
walk -- there were everyday women who were raving about


"There's a price to pay for beauty," one woman said. Right, hundreds
of dollars for the heels and then all the medical expenses  incurred
from sprained ankles and broken bones from falling off those

Oh, and don't forget the cosmetic surgery you can get to make your
life easier while walking up there in the clouds. Women are actually
getting "pillows" put into the balls of their feet to make it more
comfortable to walk on megaheels. Maybe that would add an extra half
inch to their height, too. Wouldn't that be splendid?

Then again, I could just be a little bitter because a 7 inch heel
would be larger than the length of my foot. Or that the new 8 inch
heels Louboutin plans to release.....are almost a seventh of my entire
height. Let's just go for 10 inches and it'll be like I'm walking on
miniature stilts!  While I'm in the hospital getting my full body cast
put on, I think I'll request those extra thick pillow plumpers to be
inserted into my feet, too. Beauty equals pain, but I think I'll
deserve the extra fluffy comfort after all I'd put myself through by then.