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Top 5 Interactive T-Shirts

Gone are the days when a t-shirt was just a piece of cloth to cover your hairy back. Now they’re a fun way to make music, draw pictures, or even detect wi-fi.
electronic drum kit tshirt

Play Your Own Drums Kit

Who needs real drums when for 20 bucks, you can rock out on your own chest? There’s a built-in speaker, 7 different drums to beat on, and a volume control that can be cranked up much louder than you would expect (or want even). And if drums are not your musical instrument of choice, this comes in piano and guitar versions as well. Grab your friends some and you can have your own geeky shirt band.
tqualizer tshirt


If making music is not your thing, turn on your favorite song and watch your shirt dance along instead. If you have ever caught yourself spending hours entranced by the equalizer bars on your stereo or in Windows Media Player, this is the shirt for you. Stand in front of a mirror to avoid neck strain or wear this at a concert and watch as everyone else is amazed by your pure genius shirt.
star wars tshirt

Star Wars Death Electronic Attack

So many Star Wars references to be made, so little time. Wear one of these shirts and you will have never ending excuses to quote Darth Vader and show your inner-geek. Not only does this shirt light up, it also has a hidden battery pack to tuck into your pocket and play the blast sequence whenever you want to annihilate someone.
Beware, though, this shirt cannot actually destroy planets in a single shot, so if your friends start pleading with you to cut it out, you probably should.
wifi tshirt

Wi-Fi Strength Detector

Have you ever found yourself, laptop in one hand, freshly made hot coffee in the other, settling in at a table at your local coffee shop, hoping to get some work done or enjoy yourself on lunch break, only to find that the wi-fi signal is so weak it takes 5 minutes to load Google?
It never fails that the shop across the street has a perfect connection, but loading up all your stuff and moving there wastes half of your break time. No more of that with this shirt! Just glance down and you will know exactly which shop you should head to. Better yet, everybody else on the street will be so thankful for your visual announcement of the wi-fi in the area that maybe you will end up with a complimentary coffee or two.
laser tshirt interactive tshirt

Draw Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Laser Picture

What’s better than designing your own shirt? Getting to redesign your shirt every time you wear it. Despite the picture looking gray, the shirt is actually white and when drawn on with the UV laser, glows in the dark. Wait until it fades and start all over again.
Don’t you just love what technology can do? Sometimes it is about big scientific discoveries aided by new technology, and other times, it is as simple as making your clothing quirkier and fun to brighten a day or two.
All shirts can be found at ThinkGeek. There is no affiliation or sponsorship connection with ThinkGeek….they just happen to be really awesome.